Advantages of cold forging

-	Ability to replace front-end operations with a cutting operation

- Possibility to make some surfaces ready (without machining)
- Preserve the product's axial range in the 0.2 mm range
- Accuracy of forging 0.2 - 0.5 mm at surface roughness after forging 1.25
- Forgings clean with oil film, free from rust

Forging application

-	Multi-stage rollers for gearing

- Gears
- Headed clevis pins, bolts and screws
- Forgings rotary mining knives

Species forged materials:

-	constantly: 40HM, 40H, 16HG, 20HG...                   

We specialize in axial-symmetric forgings

-	We have many years of experience in the production of die forgings and forged forgings.

- We offer forgings of up to 6 kg and dimensions up to 90 mm in diameter and 260 mm in length.
- Forging of weights over 6 kg we consider individually.
- We draw forgings based on: drawings; Sketches or customer models.
- We provide professional advice at the stage of model formation.
- We help in product optimization; oversize machining, workmanship tolerance.
- Before we start production, we present the drawing we have prepared for approval.

We guarantee short delivery times

Customers appreciate us for the speed of their orders.

We offer short lead times for test batches, regardless of the quantity ordered. A team of experienced individuals and the location of the establishment make us very flexible.

The modernity in which we invest

We co-operate with the faculties of technical universities in the field of plastic working, equipped with the most modern methods of technological analysis.
We create and co-create new technologies. We have received EU funding for the development and research of cold forging technology.

Our priority is the quality of our products

The experience of the employees, the organization of work, the control of the production processes and the automated machine park guarantee excellence in the quality of our products.          

Forgings and more

We work on a comprehensive approach to the needs of the customer - we provide: mechanical machining, heat treatment, surface coverage (galvanizing, chroming, painting, etc.).